Marilyn Garzón

I strongly beleive the key to learn other languages is using the method of ASSOCIATON . It is a privilage to not just gain knowledge but also WISDOM from the Lord and what would sound better then gaining these in english :). I have worked with groups of all ages . Certified by TOEFL with a Native English level due to the fact that I was raised in the states. Being able to associate images with words or names and even sounds without having to translate. Kids have a great gift which is to be able to be passionate about everything, Lets merge together in another culture and with this being said I also welcome teenagers and adults to be part of this great journey but the most important thing is to be able to let your inner kid out and actually enjoy learning. Kids are always eager to learn and explore which will make this journey fun for them. This is not a course, this is actually an experience that will allow you to learn English. We give you the opportunity to merge in an american enviroment, to gain more vocabulary, and local sayings. This will not only allow you to learn a language but to actually merge in another culture.